Record Store Day 

Record Store Day is a content series for Amazon Music, Spain.
The premise is simple: bands take their fans on a journey of music discovery, whilst digging in the crates of their local music vendors.

Self Initiated For:
Amazon Music, Spain
@ 24/7 Laundry Service

Each episode lives through different formats, providing various ways to enjoy the content. The Instagram stories serve, both as a teaser, for the longer formats, and as an interactive one click opportunity to listen to the selected albums, through the Amazon Music App.

Instagram Stories 9:16
IGSTV 5 minutes 9:16
Youtube 5 minutes 16:9

A low-fi aesthetic is pursued throughout the piece, bringing tactile elements to the front such as receipts, price stickers and distressed elements, which echo the real life record shopping experience on a mobile first piece.
Art Direction
Motion & Edit