MIN Independent Music Awards

Once a year, spanish music turns its gaze away from mainstream artists,  focusing the spotlight on the limited pressed, the small labels,
and the self released artists. We helped Amazon Music to get glammed up for the MIN awards.

For: Amazon Music, Spain
@ 24/7 Laundry Service

The original graphic image provided by the awards institute, was quite dense and out of sorts for both our audience, and Amazon Music’s brand guidelines. 

For that reason we took their original liquid pattern, and rendered it in a light and ethereal manner, which translates the ombre yellow to orange rivers, into a series floaty and elastic shapes, to dress the social media assets supported by Amazon Music.
Art Direction
Content  Creation

To further support the ceremony we created a series of short content pieces  to expand on  the get to know elements of the awards’ campaign. “My first song”  where we asked artists to play for us the first song that they nailed on their instruments, proved the most popular amongst the guests.