The media conglomerate Iconic Labs purchased  LGBTQI+’ leader news provider, Gaystarnews, with the aim to revamp the digital publication and update it to connect with a younger and ever more fluid generation.

For: Iconic Labs
@ Love Gunn

When exploring the re branding process for Gay Star News, the major challenge was to visually abstract the notion of being a member of the LGBTQI+ collective. 
From the visual notion of geometries non reliant on straight angles, this concept began to emerge.

Art Direction
UI Design

Typographic hierarchy and colour palettes
Shape exploration, and logo evolution
The overall tone of voice of the project leans into self discovery as a daily routine. We chose to speak about the confidence that comes from belonging to one of the most expanding and diverse groups in society, as the underlying energy that should drive the imagery for all content.

Our Imagery focuses on portraiture that exhudes positivity and confidence, whilst streering away from any type of images that could label queerness as a hypersexualised territory.

The online news outlet, took inspiration from sites and content publishd by sites such as refinery 29, pushing the re-launch publication from an online news service provider in the direction of a lifestyle oriented & current news coverage site.