Iconic Labs purchased  LGBTQI+’ leader news provider,  Gaystarnews, with the aim to revamp the digital publication and fine tune it to connect with a younger and ever more fluid generation.

LoveGunn was asked to tackled the brief from two routes rooted on naming. One route was developed under the acronym GSN, and a second route keeping the publication’s long and descriptive name.
For: Iconic Labs
@ Love Gunn

When creating this logomark, I tried to represent the non straightness of a LGBTQI+ culture news site.  A custom G was built from geometries that lack right angles. Because the simplest way to summarize what it is to be gay, is to point at everything that isn’t straight.

Art Direction
UI Design

The art direction and online magazine layout, are attuned to the creation of online communities that offer both news and lifestyle content.

Special emphasis is put on the use of imagery that highlights positivity, strength and empowerment through self discovery.