Proud Heroes

The daring queer artists making music today are heroes to many fans who look up to them to boldly live their own truths, and to empower themselves with their tunes.

We decided to give these artists the Hero Treatment. 

Inspired by Gen-Z’s move to virtual collectibles (NFTS, PokemonGo, Minecraft), we created a subversive, campy, digital version
of the historically rigidly gendered collectible: the action figure.

For: Amazon Music,
@ 24/7 Laundry Service

We reimagined a selected handful of Amazon Original artists, from both sides of the Atlantic,  and gave them their very own digital action figure.
Art Direction

Image credit: Alice Aires & Sarah Banks

This social first campaign focuses on storytelling and engament, we set out to showcase these LGBTQ+ trailblazers in a compelling digital format via artifacts, archives and personal narrative, with interview assets, and bios shaped as playing cards.

Amazon Original Artists
Saucy Santana
Kim Petras
Angel Olsen
Orville Peck

Special mention to: Oliver Williams [Creative Director], Ryan Tong [Design], Vitor Diegues Meuren [Design]