Art Direction & Content Creation
2020— 2023

Over the past 3 years I have led the content creation, and design ouput accross the spanish branch of Amazon Music’s social channels and contributed to the overall development on the brand appearance in the EMEA (United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, & Germany) social channels.

For: Amazon Music,
Global, EMEA & Spain
@ 24/7 Laundry Service
︎︎︎ Release Roundup: New Music

Release Roundup is a digital container, housing a weekly summary of the five hottest music drops that are launched on the Amazon Music App.  

Firstly designded in January 2021, followed by an update in early 2022, to keep up with the latest Instagram’s capabilities. This asset is used across five markets, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain and accumulates an average of 300K views weekly.

︎︎︎ Rompe: New Talent from Spain

Rompe ES is a quarterly program, where a new upcoming artist gets extra exposure backed by Amazon Music. Our strategic approach to this social content is to combine engagement pieces with exculsive content focused on the artist.

Sila Lua’s album is inspired by the force of the waves,  seamen’s tales and her atlantic roots. 

To mirror its content, Amazon Music celebrated her album with an exclusive online performance at Madrid Atlantis, a stunning aquarium, bridging editorial, performance and social content at once.

Lisasinson are a punk-pop duo based off Valencia. Their relationship was forged in Art College, and that transpires through their music videos’ unique visual style.

Following the social media trend “A day in the life” but make it Wes Anderson, we travelled to Valencia, to film a short form, highly stylised, interview to promote their work.  +500k visits on its first three days.

︎︎︎ FDT: A music show that streams on Twitch

Supporting social content for Amazon Music’s weekly Twitch show. The content strategy includes, audio excerpts from interviews, giveaways and liners, shout outs, from artists and hosts.

︎︎︎ Pride 2022: Proud Heroes

A global campaign across Europe & USA where we celebrate the daring queer artists making music today. We decided to give these artists the Hero Treatment as they are heroes to many fans who look up to them to boldly live their own truths, and to empower themselves with their tunes.

Inspired by Gen-Z’s move to virtual collectibles (NFTS, PokemonGo, Minecraft), we created a subversive, campy, digital version of the historically rigidly gendered collectible: the action figure.

︎︎︎ Amazon Original Artists
Saucy Santana
Kim Petras
Angel Olsen
Orville Peck

︎︎︎ 3D Model Artists
Alice Aires
Sarah Banks

︎︎︎ Content Guidelines

In November 2022, with the occasion of Amazon’s brand re-fresh.  I took the opportunity to re-launch all the content series under a newly consolidated graphic identity. The result is a diverse range of contents and graphic treatments under a unifying umbrella that provides the necessary visual consistency, and assures instant brand recognition.

The guidelines are a simple and flexible design system that brings consistency between the different titles, whilst allowing room to express the individual graphic identity of each of the themes portrayed in the series.