Content Guidelines

The following guidelines, were created to homogenise all of Amazon Music content series across its five european markets. 

The five branches of the european account work in silos, to cater to each country’s idiosincrasies, and their local artists.
For: Amazon Music,
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This resulted in a portfolio of varied content, where the brand’s presence was diluted and undermined by the lack of visual consistency.

In November 2022, with the occasion of Amazon’s brand re-fresh.  We took the opportunity to re-launch all the content series under a newly consolidated graphic identity.

Art Direction
Graphic Treatment

The guidelines outline a simple and flexible design system to create consistency between the different titles, whilst allowing room to express the individual identity of each of the themes portrayed in the series.

The result is a diverse range of contents and graphic treatments under a unifying umbrella that provides the necessary visual consistency, and assures instant brand recognition.